About Us

About Us

Starting manufacture in 25,000 m2 indoor space, 20,000 m2 open space in Konya Organized Industrial Zone on January 1, 2004, Etap Chemistry is producing Powder Detergent, Liquid Detergent, Acid Group Detergent, and Industrial Cleaning Products and it is one of the four companies, which have Powder detergent tower in Turkey.


By producing hand-wash powder detergent and Matic detergents for automatic washing machines at POWDER DETERGENT PRODUCTION TOWER,


Liquid dishwashing detergent, softener, glass and surface cleaners, kitchen-bathroom cleaners, acid and alkali based household cleaning products at LIQUID DETERGENT PRODUCTION PLANT


Liquid hand soap and shampoo at COSMETIC MANUFACTURING PLANT, it has become one of Turkey's leading detergent manufacturers


Apart from our main brands Yetiş and Puffy, we maintain our diversity in the sector with our brands: Şef, Çiğdem, Renax, Hail, and Yetgon. Adopting Quality and Standard in Production as the basic principle, our company is also carrying out productions of Private Label detergent for national chain stores.

Our brand "PUFFY" has made significant breakthroughs in foreign trade, we are doing exportation to the Middle East, Turkic Republics, Africa and Balkan Countries. We also continue our export activities for new markets

Making significant investments in the domestic market with our brand "YETİŞ", our company renders service to the traditional channel and retail sector with the regional dealers that we created.



To keep consumer satisfaction at the highest level, we carry on R&D and P&D activities with the principles of "continuous development and continuous change”.
To bring innovative new products and raw materials to the chemistry sector by applying the quality standards, which are created as a result of this.



To become the leading company in the sector with high quality, affordable and new products in domestic and foreign markets.